Gabe Pietrzak

Musician, Producer, and Guitar Instructor

Gabe Pietrzak is a guitar mentor and producer raised in Vancouver, Canada, and has been providing high quality lessons in the industry for over a decade. Gabe has recieved his bachelors degree from VCC -Vancouver Community College - after spending 5 years studying and mastering the art of music and since then, has shared his expertise not only locally, but all throughout the world via skype/ zoom sessions!

He is an active recording artist, mentor and music producer. He works diligently in all aspects of his professional career, giving top quality products to his clients. Whether it is through music instruction or music production, he will always put the client first and make sure they are happy.

Gabe’s teaching philosophy is to encourage his students to try new things and be hands-on learners that aren’t afraid of exploration. Gabe believes that everyone has the ability to enjoy music and that there is no limit to a student’s potential when they put in the time and effort. He loves being able to make a difference in his students’ lives through sharing his knowledge and helping them become great musicians!

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