Music to be as massive as space itself


Perseus Octave produces a plethora of musical genres such as, Progressive metal, Deathmetal, Classic Rock, Blues, Lo-fi and many others, striving to achieve the best sound that withstand the test of time.

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Visenya formed when two musicians from opposite ends of the earth got together and started writing and creating over Skype! The music can be described as heavy and face melting, but also very ambient and dreamy. The band strives to create and combine new sounds from the progressive metal genre and any other genres that have inspired or continue to inspire them.

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Perseus Octave studio has been providing high quality lessons in the industry for over a decade, backed by successful years of teaching and mentoring experience, Gabe has developed in depth methods of learning for complete beginners and advanced students, to continue their musical journey with experience curated for each student.

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Earth motel is a combination of neo soul/ jazz and lo-fi aesthetic. Created by two guitar players who love the smooth language of jazz but also the chill vibes of Lo-fi music.

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